Tourism is a real business, which deserves passion and talent, and calls for far-sighted and challenge-oriented managers.

The International Master in Tourism & Leisure (IMTL) will forge talent, cultivate passion, widen horizons and challenge the real international tourism professionals of the coming years through tourism training and tourism education at international levels.

The International Master in Tourism & Leisure, IMTL, is the only master in tourism accredited by ASFOR and UN WTO. The program helps participants develop skills for working in tourism and launching into a managerial or entrepreneurial career.
Important international company partners collaborate with the program through in-class talks, testimonials, interviews for internships and jobs, and company visits and presentations.

The IMTL offers:

* a solid, technical tourism education
* a solid business-oriented tourism training
* mastery of management processes
* specialized working tools for success in the tourism sector
* reinforcement of personal capabilities
* opportunities to network with companies offering career opportunities.

The School and companies network fund scholarships awarded as a partial exemption from Master tuition fee.

Scholarships are awarded based on merit and on specific requirements indicated by the company funding the scholarship.

To apply for scholarships, candidates must:

* Complete and send the application on-line to the International Master in Tourism & Leisure
* Meet the requirements stated in the scholarship description
* Send all relevant documentation indicated in the scholarship description

Admission to the International Master in Tourism & Leisure program is independent from the scholarship process.
When outcomes for admissions are announced, candidates will be informed if they receive a scholarship and the amount.

The number of scholarships may increase. Periodic changes are listed on the website in this section.

Website: http://www.mib.edu/c/d/p/master_tourism_training_education.aspx
Email: sepic@mib.edu


International Master in Tourism & Leisure Trieste, Italy