NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS) welcomes students from around the globe. Students are encouraged not only to integrate different areas of research, but to learn to integrate and interact with people from all backgrounds. Hosting students from over 15 different countries enables NGS to gather some of the best minds in the world, regardless of international borders.
The NGS Scholarship is awarded to talented students with an aptitude for innovative, high calibre PhD research.
* Monthly stipend of S$3,200 up to 4 years of the PhD studies, or up to date of graduation, whichever is earlier.
* Payment of full tuition fees up to 4 years of PhD or up to date of graduation, whichever is earlier.
* Other allowances include
1. computer allowance
2. book allowance
3. conference allowance.
* Student must commit to PhD from the outset, cannot exit with MSc.
* No bond
* Opens worldwide.
* Graduates with a passion for research.
* Graduates with at least 2nd Upper Honours, or equivalent qualifications.
* GRE is compulsory for students applying from overseas. Only strongly recommended for graduates from local institutions, e.g. NUS or NTU.
* TOEFL is compulsory (ONLY applicable for applicants whose native tongue or medium of undergraduate instruction is not in English).
* Students are not eligible for the President's Graduate Fellowship (PGF).
* Award is renewable, subject to satisfactory academic performance of CAP ≥ 3.8 at the end of every semester.
NGS members in NUS and Duke-NUS in integrated research programmes.
Click here to apply online*. All supporting documents, together with a printed copy of the application form are to be submitted by post to:
NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences & Engineering (NGS)
Centre For Life Sciences (CeLS)
28 Medical Drive, #05-01
Singapore 117456
* ONLY Online Applications are accepted. For instructions and application procedures, please click here.
Contact detail:ngsenquiry.nus.edu.sg

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