FSC Scholarship

The Food Security Center (FSC) is a university center of excellence in development collaboration at
the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. FSC is one of five excellence centers of the pro-
gram “exceed – Higher Education Excellence in Development Cooperation”, which is supported by
the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds of the Federal Ministry of Economic
Cooperation and Development (BMZ) of Germany. FSC’s mission is to make effective and innova-
tive scientific contributions in research, teaching, and policy advice to eradicate hunger and achieve
food security in collaboration with partner research and education organizations in Africa, Asia, and
Latin America and national and international development and research organizations. Thematically,
FSC’s activities deal with issues of sustainable food availability, food access, food use, and food
FSC awards up to 29 scholarships for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers for a pe-
riod of 4 to 36 months. The Center wishes to attract outstanding PhD students and postdoctoral fel-
lows pursuing a career in academia or development collaboration. The scholarships aim at increasing
their previously gained scientific knowledge and skills relevant to food security related issues. Fur-
thermore, FSC aims at establishing an active, long-lasting collaboration with the supported research-
ers and their home institutions through an interactive alumni-network.
FSC offers three categories of scholarships:
1. Sandwich scholarships for PhD students (6 months),
2. Research scholarships for visiting postdoctoral researchers (4 months),
3. Excellence scholarships for FSC-supported PhD program “Global Food Security” (36 months) at
the University of Hohenheim.
In category 1 and 2, FSC scholarships will support researchers from developing countries to con-
duct their research either at the University of Hohenheim (South – North) or at a national or interna-
tional research institute in a developing country, for instance one of the centers of the CGIAR (South
– South). In addition, there are few scholarships for students and postdoctoral researchers of the Uni-
versity of Hohenheim to visit a research institute in a developing country (North – South).
In category 3, FSC is supporting excellent PhD students from developing countries to participate in
the FSC-supported PhD program “Global Food Security” at the University of Hohenheim.The PhD
program will start in September.
The application deadline for all scholarship categories is September 30. Selection is carried out
on a competitive basis and the decisions (i.e. invitations) will be communicated up to December 17.
Contact detail: fsc-scholarships@uni-hohenheim.de
Moreinfo: https://fsc.uni-hohenheim.de/77676.html