Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst Germany

The German Academic Exchange Service is one of the world's largest and most respected intermediary organisations in its field. Scores of students, teachers, researchers and scientists supported by the DAAD have been able to gain valuable experience abroad.

The DAAD is:

- an organisation of the institutions of higher education and student bodies in the Federal Republic of Germany, founded in 1925, refounded in 1950
- an institution for the promotion of international academic exchanges
- an internediary for the implementation of foreign cultural and academic policy as well as for the educational co-operation with developing countries
- national agency for the EU programmes SOKRATES, LEONARDO and TEMPUS
- the IAESTE National Committee for the exchange of student trainees

The DAAD provides information on:

- the system of education and higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany
- higher education and degree courses abroad
- funding programmes and scholarships

The DAAD sponsors:

- undergraduates
- postgraduates
- academics

from Germany and abroad in over 100 different programmes

The DAAD funds:

- one-year and short-term scholarships for individuals
- group programmes: study visits, university seminars/practicals
- the exchange of academics, guest lectureships, and the placement of Lektors for German language and German Studies at universities abroad
- project-linked academic co-operation between institutions of higher education in Germany and abroad.

From the vast amount of applications, about 500 academics acting in an honorary capacity as members of the over 80 DAAD selection committees select the best candidates and projects for scholarships and funding according to academic criteria.

Previous achievements in course work and research projects must be of a high academic standard in order to be eligible for funding.

The DAAD operates mainly on the basis of public funding provided by different ministries, principally by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Website: http://www.daad.uz